Among all the methods of forgiveness that I have taught or practiced over the past decades, Ho‘oponopono is surely one of the simplest and yet most powerful. In this book, Ulrich Emil Duprée manages to condense the essence of this Hawaiian forgiveness ritual in a way that makes it easily accessible to a large audience. If you’re looking for a lovely introduction to Ho‘oponopono, written with the heart, this is the book for you!

Olivier Clerc

author of The Gift of Forgiveness andHealing the Wounds of the Heart

What Is Ho‘oponopono?

Ho‘oponopono is a way of solving and resolving internal and external problems and conflicts while at the same time healing relationships: your relationship with yourself, with other people, and with your environment.

It is one of the traditional cleansing techniques in Huna, a practical system for shaping your life in a purely positive way. Hu means “knowledge” and na is “wisdom.” The keepers of these old and in some cases secret teachings are known as kahunas (experts in Huna).

In a Ho‘oponopono we cleanse ourselves not externally but rather internally—mentally and spiritually— of destructive patterns of behavior, negative beliefs, misunderstandings, and wrongdoing. In other words, we cleanse ourselves of whatever causes problems for us and for others.

At the very heart of the process is a simple and effective forgiveness ritual. This dignified and elegant method of forgiveness and reconciliation makes it possible to resolve challenges that are very personal to us, as well as conflicts within a community or group. Ho‘oponopono’s very special effects are manifested in the three great spheres of our lives: our partnership and family, our professional life, and in health matters.

Healing with Love

The Hawaiian shamans (kahunas) believed that there is no problem that cannot be resolved with Ho‘oponopono, however apparently hopeless it may be. The reason for this is love (aloha), the greatest power in the universe. Just as there is no darkness in the sun, there is no negativity in love, and this is the reason why love can heal all. It steadfastly rejects all sorrow, guilt, inferiority, and destructivity.

The three syllables a-lo-ha mean “sharing the same spiritual essence with one another.” Aloha sees what we have in common and cleanses what divides us. We have to understand that we—you and I, and all of us—are on a common journey, and that there is a great power that unites us all, the energy of pure love, mana aloha.

The only command in Huna is, “Never harm, always help.” Following this rule begins with ourselves, of course, which is why it is very important that we forgive ourselves and let go of all the negativity that harms both us and others.